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Welcome to this web site!

The site for people like myself who are interested in motor homes, movanning, house trucking, buses or camper vans, if it moves and you can sleep in it,then you are in the right place.

On this home page we'll introduce our organization and hopefully highlight events that may be of interest to you.

This is a new site and we welcome any photos, news and information members may wish to contribute.

I hope this is a useful site for members who are traveling in our area and might want to join us at a rally, or anyone interested in seeing what the Otago area members get up to.

I suppose I should introduce myself.
My name is Bernie Aitken a member of the Otago Area and in the past I have been the newsletter editor for the Otago Area and Area Rep. As a keen Movanner I saw a need for a website to tell people what we are all about, and to hopefully encourage fence sitters to get out there and give it a go.Also to hopefully dispel the myth that we are all either Hippies and Greenies (Those bus people!) or retired couples spending their children's inheritance.

We are a mixture of Kiwis of varying ages who all agree New Zealand is a great country and here in the South we have so many neat places to explore. I hope I have encourages at least one person to come and have a look.

NZMCA stands for New Zealand Motor Caravan Association.Founded in 1956 our aims are to travel our country enjoying all the beautiful places that New Zealand has to offer.
With more than 15,000 members, and vehicles ranging from buses to commercially built campervans, there are members the length and breadth of New Zealand.

Shag Point on the East Otago Coast.
Awesome place for penguins, sealions and rugged Coastline

The purpose of the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association is to foster and advance the Motor Caravan movement by providing relevant services and information, promoting fellowship,vehicle safety, road courtesy and protection of the environment.

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